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Hosted by Tom Basch, Leaps and Bounds is a podcast for the professional home services and contractor community, presented by Leap. Starting in this industry 20 years ago, Tom never realized what went into making a home-improvement business successful. Now, having met with thousands of contractors, helping adopt technology and watching them grow, he's excited to invite in a variety of guests to discuss what's made them successful, what they're doing today to stay ahead of their competition and the advice they have for others. Join us as some of the industry’s most successful CEO’s, sales leaders and home-improvement professionals provide insightful conversation about business growth, trends and how to stay ahead of competition in the technology-age.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Humble Beginnings to CEO | The Lessons Learned with Kimba Garcia

    In this episode, I’m joined by Kimba Garcia, CEO of RKG Roofing. Listen as we talk about her humble beginnings and the lessons she’s learned along the way. As an insurance restoration contractor in Texas, we’ll dive into how she differentiates herself, what she hopes to see the industry evolve ...


  2. Culture, Recruiting, and Training | Keys to Business Growth with Jonathan Moore

    From the UK to the US, Jonathan started his career in the home improvement industry by taking a job with System Pavers and climbing his way up the ladder. Several years ago, he ventured off to start his own company and has seen tremendous growth and success. We’ll discuss the ...


  3. The Marketing Mixing Bowl | Our Conversation with Vicki Kiger

    In this episode, we’ll learn about the winning strategies Vicki and the team at Exterior Source have implemented, what they’re doing to reach today’s consumers, and the changes she sees coming in the future. We’ll also discuss her unique background, the lessons she learned along the way, and how she ...


  4. Insurance Restoration in The Sunshine State | A Deep Dive with Jonathan Dorosh

    In this episode, we’ll explore the unique world of insurance restoration in Florida. From the strict requirements and processes to the diverse landscape, Jonathan Dorosh will break down why he compares Florida to Narnia. We’ll also discuss his secret to branding, the challenges he foresees, and how he retains the ...


  5. One Home at a Time | A Conversation with Robert Whipple of Southern Painting

    Mr. Whipple didn’t grow up or aspire to be a painter, instead, he used a carefully calculated method for evaluating potential opportunities that led him to his current position as Vice President of Operations and Training at one of the leading painting companies in the nation, Southern Painting. In this ...