Leaps & Bounds

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Leaps and Bounds is a podcast for the professional home services and contractor community, presented by Leap. We will be inviting a variety of guests to discuss what’s made them successful, what they’re doing today to stay ahead of their competition and the advice they have for others. Join us as some of the industry’s most successful CEO’s, sales leaders, and home-improvement professionals provide insightful conversation about business growth, trends and how to stay ahead of competition in the technology-age.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Serial Entrepreneur | Our Conversation with Ben Hodson

    On this episode, I’m joined by JobNimbus CEO, Ben Hodson. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Ben is a writer, musician, filmmaker, comic book artist, and software developer. After spending time as a touring musician and finishing degrees in business and software systems from the University of Washington, he started ...


  2. The Sales Transformation - A Conversation With Ryan Groth

    On this episode, I’m joined by Ryan Groth, Founder of Sales Transformation Group. As someone who grew up in the industry, Ryan saw first-hand the impact of not having a predictable, consistent sales system in place. After his time playing professional baseball, Ryan found his passion in helping others and ...


  3. Conversion Rates, Cancellations, and Leads - Our Conversation with Caleb Nelson

    On this episode, I’m joined by Caleb Nelson, President, and founder of Destination Motivation. Caleb and team work with 23 of the 30 largest contractors in North America, implementing systems and structures that generate predictable results. From ...


  4. Technology Trailblazers | Our Conversation with Scott Moellenkamp

    On this episode, I’m joined by Scott Moellenkamp, Chief Marketing Officer at ABC Seamless. With a long and storied history, ABC Seamless has made a name for themselves in the industry. We’ll ask Scott about that, and dive into what’s made them so successful. We’ll also discuss their keen ability ...


  5. The Sales Team Blueprint | with Chuck Thokey

    In this episode, I’m joined by Chuck Thokey, VP of Sales at American WeatherTechs and a sales and marketing coach, author, mentor, and keynote speaker. Listen as he discusses what makes someone in sales successful. From leadership to the sales manager and the sales representative, Chuck will give us the ...